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Enter and take seat in the successful first and second generation of the BMW 5 Series. Our sides offer you information about the history and technology of these cars. Even specialists meet here and/or on the linked BMW E12 and E28 specialist sites. Here are displayed production, equipment information and even more you look for. You will find fellows and hobby friends or just assistance for your vehicle to keep it alive.

You are an owner of a BMW E12 or BMW E28 or if you are wondering about buying such a car and you would like to become a member of our BMW 5er E12 und E28 Interest Group? Then please fill out the form with your personal information at "become an IG-member". The membership has only a low
One years subsription. You can also get the magazine "Doppelscheinwerfer" which is issued every second month. You're welcome to have a look in our Statutes. We are looking forward to see you as an active and interested fellow.

It is also possible to register your car only. To register your car to the international car registry choose the right chapter if it is an BMW e12 or BMW E28. It is not combined with any duties for you. The registry is without any costs for you. Your vehicle datas are stored there without limitation, your personal datas until you decide to cancel this service. The entry could be viewed by the public in the moment if it is not restricted by you.

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